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Abbey Meyer - Travel Specialist

Whats your favorite place to travel?

This is the absolute most difficult question I get asked! So hard to pick!

Ive had the adventures of a lifetime in South Africa with friends, honeymooned with the love of my life bouncing around Australia, had the most spiritual journey traveling to Jerusalem by myself, took a ridiculous family vacation to Amsterdamand the list goes on.

I will say that I LIVE for the excitement of traveling to a place that Ive never been to. 

What inspired you to get into travel?

I have always been drawn to distant lands. Im a History major, so naturally foreign places peek my interest. I also spent 7 years teaching World Geography to High Schoolers. Opening my students eyes to new worlds was so much fun! I am loving educating my clients in the same way and then getting to send them there!

Favorite travel quote?

I havent been everywhere, but its on my list.

Whats your #1 tip for all travelers?

Do your research ahead of time! Or better yet, let your travel agent help you with this. There is nothing worse than leaving a place wishing you had done or seen something.


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